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Queen Camellia

Welcome Aboard.

Queen Camellia!
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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Queen Camellia, a multifandom AU RPG where all your favorite characters from Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist are thrown onto a cruise ship for singles and are stuck out in the middle of the ocean!

Apply | Taken Characters | Rules | Map of Ship

captain_l, played by dusk, is your ship's captain and therefore supreme mod ahaha just kidding. Cap'n L's mun is a slightly crazy fangirl with an intense love for all things eatable. She is the person to contact for all things FMA, Naruto, or Death Note. You can contact her through email (cupcakesasuke[at]gmail.com) or AIM (blibberfishiesSS or m1st1x). hana_baby, played by plonks, is the first mate of the ship! She is also a slightly crazy fangirl (but much more so than L-mun, hahaha), and she likes eating babiesis the person to contact mainly about Bleach things, but is also a part of the other 3 fandoms mentioned. You can contact her through email (ffpyro[at]yahoo.com) or AIM (fffpyro).
1. There WILL be shonen-ai/yaoi and shoujo-ai/yuri present. All logs (especially ones rated R and above) will be placed under cuts, but if this makes you uncomfortable, then DO NOT APPLY.
2. You may have up to two(2) characters. No more. So if you're thinking about applying for that third character ... DON'T DO IT. ♥
3. While we're on the subject of characters ... Please don't choose two characters that will interact a lot. There are four series to pick from, so this should not be hard. ♥
4. You *MUST* be able to be active. I cannot stress this enough. It's no fun to have players who never post. Please try to post often. ♥
5. This RPG is mostly crack. If you have a problem with that, please don't apply. There will be seriousness at some points, but please. Try to be funny sometimes. ♥
6. Lastly, to show that you have read this page, please put the phrase "Key lime pie" in the subject line of your application.
^Things You Should Know Before You Apply^
queencamellia : The main comm. This is where you looks when the mods post stuff that's of importance to you (such as information on events, new characters to add, etc.) camelliaooc : The OOC comm. This is where you will post anything OOC such as logs of conversations/events, notes telling other players what your character has done (for example: "Hanatarou left his pants in Ichigo's room"), introductions and anything else that falls into the category of Out Of Character.