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Uzumaki Naruto [userpic]
by Uzumaki Naruto (ramenandfoxies)
at October 3rd, 2006 (05:55 pm)

current mood: rushed

Who: Tsunade, L, Naruto, Deidara, Orochimaru, Sasuke
Where: Sixth Floor
When: ... last night. >_> Big AIM log, yo.

L: *comes out of his quarters onto the deck, surveys the scene* Hm. The weather certainly is pleasant.

Tsunade: *marches up to L* Captain, I demand something be done about these robberies!

L: *blinks* Robberies ... oh, yes. I'm sorry, Miss ... *can't remember her name* ... We're working on figuring out who is behind this.

Tsunade: Tsunade. Is there any way we can review video footage? You do have camera surveillance on your ship, don't you?

L: Right, Tsunade. *scratches his head* I'm afraid we looked through all the footage we've got, and we DID see the culprit ... however, the quality is far too low to point fingers at people. We have, however, reviewed the evidence, and it appears the thief has black hair, which does narrow it down ...

Sasuke: ... -Was almost--... not afraid, but--... apprehensive, to leave his room. Persevered! Sits in a booth at the pizza parlor, fingertips twirling a straw in a glass of icewater, looking relatively bored.-

Naruto: -also marches up to L, points at him- I DEMAND YOU JOIN MY SEARCH PARTY. -doesn't remember he's the captain- NOW, SIR.

L: Narrowing it down to the two brothers aboard, the masked man, and ... *sees & hears Naruto* ... Search party?

Sasuke: -Winces. ...heard that loud, piercing voice from that far away.-

Deidara: Extracts himself from a lounge chair, vaguely interested in the turn of conversation rather than the book he'd bought from one of the ship's stores, "If you have cameras, yeah, why don't you start questioning the passengers?"

Naruto: YES, A SEARCH PARTY. TO FIND MY MISSING RAMEN. AND THE OTHER MISSING STU- -stops talking when he hears Deidara talking- ... YEAH. -agrees-

L: *a little confused from all the talking at him* ... Er. Yes. Of course. *scratches his head again* The questioning will begin tomorrow. I'm afraid some of our passengers are asleep at this time.

Deidara "Would you stop yelling about that damn search party, hmm, you're giving me a migraine," he growled toward the blond pain, scowling. "Besides search parties are for peaple, un, not possessions."

L: *mumbles something that vaguely resembles 'cant remember a damn thing without my hat', coughs and looks around* Don't worry ... the staff has this under control. In the meantime, I suggest you keep your valuables under heavy protection. Why do you think we provide your rooms with safes?

Naruto: "... well, my ramen counts as a person. Or, erm, people, dattebayo." Naruto muttered towards Deidara, then returned to listening to L. "I didn't think I'd have to keep RAMEN in a safe! It's FOOD!"

L:*nods at Naruto* There is more ramen available at the convenience store. Perhaps you should buy just enough to feed you for a short amount of time until this problem is fixed.

Deidara: "Just because your ramen has a higher IQ doesn't make it a person, rather, people, hmm," the artist snappped, folding his arms over his chest. "Doesn't your staffing include any kind of security, yeah? Ones that could handle this?"

Naruto: Naruto frowned at the 'buy more ramen' comment from L. He didn't WANT to, but responded to Deidara. "Well, it makes it CLOSE to a person! Enough to gather a search party, dattebayo!" He didn't like this person.

L:*looks over at Deidara, scratching his leg with his other foot* Like I've said ... The staff is currently taking care of the problem. The thief, whoever he or she may be, does not seem to want to harm anyone. Perhaps they are a kleptomaniac? *ponders this*

Tsunade:*to Naruto* Hey, kid! Fighting amongst ourselves isn't going to do any good. *to L* Well, things like ramen, or that kid's glasses aren't really valuable, so the theif is'nt doing this for gain. Or, a monetery gain, at least.

Naruto: "Girly man's just being difficult, dattebayo!" Naruto replied, frowning and crossing his arms.

Deidara: "I resent that, prat," he hissed, grinding his teeth. "I'm not being difficult, merely trying to point of the difference between a human being and a food product, yeah!"
L: *frowns* Fighting will only hinder the search for the culprit. If you two want to fight, then go elsewhere.

Naruto: "Ramen is people, dattebayo!" Naruto half-shouted, getting frustrated. He clenched his lips shut when he heard L talk about hindering the search, not wanting to create trouble with finding the thief.

Deidara: "Do you really think that a search party is going to turn up the culprit or the missing items? In all likelyhood, yeah, the person could very well be in the search party." Deidara rolled his eye then. "Ramen is not alive, twit."
Deidara:*gives Deidara a flat look* I believe I told you to take that elsewhere. I may not have my Captain hat, but I am still the captain and you must obey my orders.

Naruto: Naruto glared knives at Deidara, but kept his mouth shut. He didn't want to have to swim back to shore.
Sasuke: -Exits the pizza parlor like his mama taught him to -- incorporating voluminous prestige in his movements. Moves toward the group ... only ... ends up veering left, toward the pool area. Halts, and blinks. Spins back around to face them. Crosses arms, eyes tight and brows pinched, obviously upset.- My glasses are gone. Find them.

L:*blink* ... Mr. Uchiha, was it? The staff is currently working on finding the culprit and the missing items.

Sasuke:'The staff' better work more quickly. I'm going to end up falling ... -...Eye twitch.- ...Overboard, and you'll have a lawsuit on your hands.

Naruto:"... hey, that means you can't throw me off the ship, dattebayo! I could lawsuit you!" Naruto pointed at L, smirking. Not that he had any idea what a lawsuit was.

L: *raises an eyebrow at Sasuke* Well, I'm about 45% sure that you yourself are the thief. I'm sure we could arrange for the customers whose items have been stolen to initiate a couple of lawsuits, themselves. *glances at Naruto* I have a better case against your not following the Captain's orders, Mr. Uzumaki. Do not try anything.

Naruto: Naruto pouted. "When did I not follow the Captain's orders? I stopped arguing with girly man after the second time you told me us to stop, dattebayo."

Sasuke: -Lips twist, gaze freezing into a sheet of black ice.- You'd have to have evidence to stake that claim. -...Successfully ignores Naruto.-

Deidara:"Call me 'girly-man' again and you're going to find yourself swimming home, yeah."

Orochimaru:*walking in upon hearing raised voices; still holding his guitar from playing to himself out on the deck* ...Discussing the thief? Any leads yet?

L:*returns Sasuke's look with a bored look of his own* I very well do. *glances up at Orochimaru* .... The staff is currently working on capturing the thief. We've ... narrowed it down to all the black-haired passengers.

Naruto:"Well, it's true, dattebayo!" Naruto replied to Deidara, continuing to glare at him.

Orochimaru: *narrows his eyes* I can assure you, I am not the perpetrator. I would not have stolen my own guitar.

L: *raises his eyebrow at Orochimaru* I'm only 23% sure it was you.

Sasuke -Hisses a short sigh from between his teeth.- This is ridiculous. It's probably my brother. He's evidently neurotic. -Eye roll.-

Deidara"Are you even sure it's human hair, hmm? Might be synthetic from a wig.." He snorted disdainfully at the shorter blonde's comment, ignoring the glare in favor of trying to place his attention elsewhere.

L:*glances up at Deidara* Absolutely sure. There were no wigs in any of the luggage brought on board, and they are not sold anywhere on the ship.

Orochimaru: *waves a hand* Think what you will. It wasn't me. *casts about for somewhere to sit* ...wait. Did you search through all the luggage when it was brought on board?

L:*nods* It's required by law, sir. Rest assured, the contents of your suitcase are entirely confidential.

Naruto:"What if someone was wearing a wig onto the ship? He or she could have taken it off once inside their room." Naruto let out an oddly intelligent thought.

Orochimaru:I should hope so. *frowns, then turns to Naruto* But I'm sure they would have noticed someone who appeared different than when they boarded.

Sasuke:-. . .Raises an elegant brow at Naruto's deduction, but says nothing.-

Naruto: "Why would the staff keep track of every single person's appearance on board, dattebayo?" Naruto replied.

L:*blink* Excellent point. However, like Mr. Orochimaru said ... all of the passengers look exactly the same as they did when they boarded. *to Naruto* For safety reasons, for course. It's always a good idea to think several steps ahead in case of something like this.

Deidara:"The passengers, but not the staff, yeah? Have you looked into any of them.. captain?"

Orochimaru: *nods in agreement with Deidara* Crew members would have greater access than passengers. Perhaps even a key to all the rooms?

L:*frowns* The staff are all people I would trust with my life. I have checked their backgrounds multiple times and I have trackers implanted into their uniforms. I know where they are at all times.
Naruto: Naruto decided to remain silent, just listening to all of the debating going around. He just wanted the thief to be found quickly.

Deidara: "Has there been any kind of damage to the rooms themselves, signs of forced entry around the doors, yeah? Maybe you can find the tools on how they got in and work from there.."

Sasuke: -Sounds mildly irritated, arms falling back to his sides.- As it is - if anything comes up, I'd like to be promptly informed. -Turns lingeringly and heads back toward an area of seating beneath the shade, near the pool area.-

Tsunade: *looks up from where she had been busily filing her fingernails* There was no damage at all to my room.

Deidara: Flicks his gaze toward L. "Also, you might trust the staff, but I don't, yeah. Nor do I trust you. You've black hair as well.."

L: There has been no damage. *blinks at Deidara* I suppose it is fair that suspicion be placed on me. However, I can assure you if you wait outside my door all day and night, or follow me around, you will find that I am not the culprit.

Tsunade: How do we even know the black hair is from the criminal? Couldn't it just have fallen off someone randomly passing by? And, for that matter, where was it found?

L: The same type of black hair has been found where each item has been stolen from. The rooms that were stolen from are rather far apart and randomly spaced. The likelihood of it being a coincidence is very low.

Deidara: "...Maybe instead of beating our heads looking for a thief we know just about nothing about, we look at the stolen belongings, yeah? What do they have in common?"

L: *to Deidara* So far, nothing. *scratches head* They appear to be randomly chosen items.

Orochimaru: Hn. All that matters is that my guitar was returned to me. *loses interest; wanders off to a circle of deck chairs out on deck, sitting cross-legged on one of them, idly playing chords and staring off into space*

Deidara: "They all seem to carry some kind of importance to the person they were taken from - maybe it's a personal attack, un?"

L: *blink* Is that so? I suppose the glasses, and the ramen, and the guitar were important ... were the others as well?
Sasuke: -Half-lounges in a lounge chair, the shadow from an overhang doing well to keep him safe from the sun. Immediately tunes everything else out.-

((OOC: And that's as far as it goes. n_n Please tell me if I've made a mistake~))


Posted by: Kazehana Koyuki (actresskoyuki)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC)

u__u; Damnit. Everytime I'm not around...*shakes her head*

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