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captain_l [userpic]
by captain_l (captain_l)
at September 26th, 2006 (08:11 pm)

Welcome to the MAPS post. This post contains the maps for every floor of the ship so you know what's where, where your room is, etc.

Floor 1

The first floor has the boiler room, some storage and an area to load people onto the ship.

Floor 2

Floor 2 has the smaller crappier rooms where people can stay in.

Floor 3

Floor 3 has the big suites. You can only get these if your character is uber-rich.

Floor 4

Floor 4 has 3 restaraunts:
*Bar LEM, which is a bar and a nghtclub all in one.
*Astro Lounge, which is a restaraunt for sports fans; lots of TVs and finger food.
*Moon Bay, a formal fancy-schmancy restaraunt with fancy-schmancy food.

Floor 5

Floor 5 has all the shops and stuff you'll need. Plus the nurse's office, in case you get sick.

Floor 6

Floor 6 is out in the open. There's pools, a pizza parlor, captain's quarters and a huge stage for concerts/movies (there's a huge screen that drops down to project on). The tower has a second floor, as does the captain's quarters (see Floor 7).

Floor 7

Floor 7 has an athletic deck for working out, and a nude deck for people who, well, don't feel like wearing clothes.